The Plexus Empire (My New Plexus Team!!)

lol.  Those of you that know my family are probably not surprised by the fact that I named my team “The Plexus Empire”… and yes, I do expect to have Plexus Troopers populate my team.

hehe… I just can’t help myself.  I’m having so much fun in my life both using and promoting Plexus products.  I might as well let it show, right?  And the best part is, if you’re lucky enough to join my team (^_-), you might even catch a glimpse of Captain Plexus himself!!!

CPT. Plexus says, "Remember to take your Plexus... or else. Now move along."

Welcome to a fabulous journey, my friends!!!   Please continue reading the team manual below, and if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me!!

Plexus Cheers and Congratulations

Every now and then it’s nice to hear that you’re doing well, that people notice and appreciate all the effort and hard work.  Plexus is no different.  Some may drop weight in a matter of months, while others may struggle to find just the right concoction before their body gets healthy.  But no matter the differences, the struggle is the same.

Let them know you see how far they’ve come by leaving this graphic for them.  :)  Even the little victories deserve to be acknowledged.

New Plexus Customer “Welcome to the Pink Side” Graphic – Pink Darth Vader

Ok, I have a secret to tell you.  Come closer, I don’t want everyone to hear…

I’m a dork.

Want proof? I married a man that has a movie replica Storm Trooper suit.  And when I say replica, I mean it’s made by the same company in London that made the originals.   And the worst thing about it is that I love that damn suit.  It’s freakin hilarious, and provides me with hours of entertainment.  Sometimes I ask him to wear it to the grocery store, just so I can watch people’s reactions.  Seriously, it’s better than a Will Ferrell movie.

So this one’s kinda in honor of the hubs and I.  Long live us and our dorky marriage.  :}

New Plexus Customer “Welcome to the Pink Side” Graphic – Punk Rocker Theme

One last graphic for the evening.  But before that, I’d like to show you something that the hubs just messaged me.  We’re trying to plan a Minecraft party for our six-soon-to-be-seven-year-old.  We let her choose the theme every year, and this year it was the bane of my existence  crack for children  Minecraft.  Sigh… yeah.  My kid drank the kool aid.

Anyway, I sent him a secret Pinterest board full of ideas so that he was aware  of the craziness to come.  My sweet hubby is new to Pinterest.  He disappeared for a while and I just assumed he was browsing the ideas I’d pinned for her party.  Out of the blue, I received this:

I swear I almost fell out of my chair laughing.  But it was news to him – he got sucked down the Pinterest Black Hole!!  lol