Introducing Plexus

So after struggling with my health during a really tough pregnancy – and traditional medicine not doing a darn thing to help me, no matter how many medications they put me on – I have been on a mission to better my health in a more natural way.

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Free Printable – Listening to God

2014 has been an incredibly eventful year for my family, and I felt like I owed my dedicated readers a bit of an explanation as to why I was absent for so long.  But instead of turning this into a long, depressing post full of tears, I’ve decided to try and add a positive spin with a free printable.  It’s not much, but please consider it a thank you for sticking with me for so long.  I love each and every one of you for that.

Clicking on the image above will bring up a larger, high-res version of this chalkboard printable, which you can then save and print to almost any size you need.

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Halloween Graveyard Tombstones

I can’t tell you how long I sat staring at a blank computer screen before I finally got up the courage to type anything.  When I finally did start writing, nothing seemed to fit.  I felt like Tom Hanks in “You’ve Got Mail”, starting and deleting, starting and deleting.  And in the end, I’ve decided to go with his character’s strategy: the truth.

I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long.  I’ve had a rough year, full of death, but full of life, as well.  It’s been… well… hard.  Excruciatingly so.  I lost myself, my creativity, my hope, my joy, for quite a long time.  But more on that later, I promise.

Right now I want to focus on the positive.  I woke up this morning for the first time in a long time with the smallest spark of excitement to create something, and I latched onto it like a lifeline.  It was the first time I’d felt that in almost a year, and I have to admit: it felt wonderful.

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12 Best Thanksgiving Printables

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  Are you ready?

Yeah, me neither…

In the hopes of frantically pulling off a miracle putting the finishing touches on your calm, quiet, relaxing evening (ha…yeah…), here are 12 of my favorite Thanksgiving printables this season.  Hopefully you’ll love them as much as I do!

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Accessorizing Your Home on a Tight Budget

As I showed you yesterday, it’s not impossible to have a beautifully decorated home on a tight budget.  All it takes is a bit of creativity and a little elbow grease.  But sometimes it’s not the big statement pieces, but all the little details that polish off your home.

However, it’s amazing to me just how expensive these details can be!  Because of my current financial situation, as well as the fact that I am a firm believer in the DIY movement, I am here to tell you that you don’t have to pay oodles of money in order to have cute things.

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