I was on a roll after vintaging up some brand new glass, and I knew there was more I could do with my trusty IBC bottles.  These beautiful babies definitely do not belong in the trash, especially in my cheap frugal household!  So here is yet another technique I did with them:

As I mentioned in my post about Giving Modern Bottles a Vintage Twist, my love for vintage glass came after I created some shell-topped bottles for my mother.  But I was horrified by the price that the antique dealers and thrift shop owners got away with charging ($8 for a tiny bottle that fit in the palm of my hand!  Yikes!!)

My love for vintage glass would have to wait for the day when I didn’t mind using my hard-earned money to start a fire with.  (I guess there are some benefits to having a sugar daddy…)  Anyways, I still had a strong obsession love for these bottles, and was constantly drooling over pictures like these in my “Inspiration” folder:

From "Country Living". Soft pops of color - lovely.

From “A Classic Pearl” – Look at those hues!!  They remind me of a misty morning in Laguna.
From “Tears of the Sea” – LOVE. THESE. COLORS.

It was this lovely picture of sea-tumbled beach glass that cinched the choice of color for me.  Aren’t those blues simply de-vine? And I absolutely adore that smooth, translucent haze that beach glass has after being thrown across the bottom of the ocean!!

It’s here that I must give credit where credit is due.  I was totally inspired by Maryann’s bottles over at “Domestically Speaking”, and was immediately propelled into action after reading her post and seeing her amazing results.

From Maryann at "Domestically Speaking" - her milky blue bottles are pure bliss!!

I love how my bottles came out as much as I loved Maryann’s bottles.  My bottles look to me as if that’s where the beach glass from the picture above came from, and that makes me very happy.  It’s the small things…  =}

Want to know how I did it?

step 1: Gather your materials, which are: glass bottles, wax paper (or newspaper, magazine paper, or anything else) to cover your work surface, acrylic paint in the color of your choice, a container to hold your paint, a paint brush, an oven, and some water.  (Not sure why the “Materials” shot turned into step 1…  Must have been too eager to share this tutorial with you guys!!)  Also preheat your oven to the lowest setting (200 degrees, in my case).

step 2: Pour your paint into the container and add some water.  I don’t even know how much water I ended up adding – I just knew I wanted the paint thinned, but not watercolor thin.  You know what I mean?  Yeah, I don’t either half the time.

step 3: Start painting your bottle!  (I used the paintbrush to apply the paint this time because I wanted the texture that the brush strokes created to show.  I was trying to make the bottles look like beach glass, and glass tumbled by the waves and currents of the sea usually has lots of texture.)

step 4: It’s at this point that you can determine if you like the consistency of your paint mixture or not.  My original mixture (on the left) was thinner than I wanted it, so I added more paint.  My new mixture (on the right) was more the look I was going for.

step 5: Continue painting until your entire bottle is covered.

step 6: Paint the rest of your bottles and glassware.

step 7: Place your bottles and glassware into the oven for 30 to 45 minutes.  **IMPORTANT NOTE: I simply grabbed the entire wax papered cookie tray and placed the entire thing (along with the bottles) into the oven.  DO.  NOT.  DO.  THIS!!!! Take the bottles OFF the wax paper and place them directly onto the rack inside the oven.

Why, might you ask?

Because if you don’t, this will happen:

I ended up having to throw this one away because for the life of me, I just could not peel the wax paper off the bottom.  It was literally baked on.  Bummer, because I had big plans (and a great tutorial) planned for this particular glass.  Lesson learned.

Even so, I’m totally loving the way these came out.  I decorated my entire summer mantel around them!!

So there you have it!  Who knew that something that would have ended up in the garbage could have made such a pretty flower vase?  And the look is so versatile!  Simply paint it another color to make it your own.  If you’re like me and are obsessed with decorating with vintage glass, check out my other bottle tutorial about giving new bottles that distinct vintage look.

Thanks for reading and crafting with me, everyone!!