Right in Front of Me

By |March 10th, 2016|

Because no matter what I’m reading, I always wonder exactly who the author pictures in their mind.  Here is who I see in mine…

“Right in Front of Me” is a Harry Potter/Severus Snape adoption story, and can be read here:


A hard man to know…

A […]

Tea Party Tablecloth for Child Size Ikea Table

By |April 23rd, 2012|

My daughter has been into two things lately: bugs (?!) and tea parties.  The bugs I won’t discuss, other than to say that I’ve never seen a three-year-old girl who is more excited to stick her chubby little fingers into the mud and pick up all kinds of creepy crawlies (I know, right?!).

I’ve been letting the hubs enjoy that particular fascination with her, while I take care of the tea parties (which are much more my area of expertise.  Except when she announces that she’s serving spider and chocolate chip tea to her teddy bears and I…  And yes, that’s been happening a lot lately.)


For Easter this year I decided to load her up with all the tea party goodies she could ever want, instead of loading her up with processed sugar and chocolate (never a good combo in this house).  This included a new tea set, some pretend sweets, and a pint-sized tablecloth to cover up her yucked-up craft table!!  (Mommy couldn’t be happier about that extra bonus.)


Restoration Hardware Easter Knockoff Pillow

By |March 31st, 2012|

Although I don’t entirely change my decor, I do like to add a few cute additions to acknowledge the holidays.  However, I refuse to spend ungodly amounts of money of my holiday decor – no matter how much I want it.

I went through this exact scenario the day before yesterday as I was browsing the local mall with my daughter.  As we were walking through Restoration Hardware (one of my favorite inspiration stores that I have never been able to afford), my daughter saw this Easter pillow in the catalog we picked up and was immediately charmed.

“Mom!” she cried.  “A bunny!  Can we get it for Easter?  Please?”

“Sure,” said I, ignorant and unaware of how expensive this darling, unassuming little pillow was.  But when I searched the page and found the price, I couldn’t help myself – I started laughing.

It was $75 (not kidding).  And that was before shipping.  Haha, yeah – no.  C’mon now…  Do people actually pay that much?  Maybe I’m just too cheap chintzy frugal for my own good.

Restoration Hardware, $75 for pillow insert and bunny cover


We Created a Children’s eBook App!

By |February 25th, 2012|

2/27/2012: Featured #1 on iPhone. #2 on iPad!! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!! Check it out here.  ^_^

I’m blown away sometimes by the fact that my three-year-old was seemly born with the ability to pick up a new piece of technology and immediately know how to use it.  It must be instinctual.

Or maybe she’s a superhero with osmosis super powers.  ^_^

Either way, I’m sure I’m not alone with the fact that my smartphone and tablet have been overwhelmed and conquered by children’s apps.  I’m constantly asking myself, “Where did this app come from?  I’m sure that I didn’t download ‘Fruit Ninja’…” (Although I have to admit that I kept that particular game.  It’s kind of addicting.)  =}


Pinterest Challenge: Summer 2011 Edition

By |August 4th, 2011|

You may have noticed I’m now on Pinterest, and I’m totally addicted.  I can’t stop pinning things!  I find myself drawn to Pinterest a lot more than the other social media because by nature, Pinterest is a lot more personal.  When I make a friend on Pinterest, I’m not just looking at pictures of them smiling at the camera; I’m seeing all kinds of things that inspire them.  It’s a whole new level of knowing someone, and it’s wonderful.  You can check my Pinterest boards out here – I’d love to see you there!

I first read about the Pinterest Challenge while browsing around The Lettered Cottage, and was instantly curious.  Plus, it was nice knowing there are others out there (like me) who can barely pull themselves away from the computer because they’re too busy pinning everything in sight.

Once I watched this hilarious video (I was giggling enough to make my husband walk in and ask what I was doing), I was hooked.  ^_^  I mean c’mon, how cute are they?  And by they I mean these girls:

Sherry, Katie, Emily, and Lana.  And yes, their blogs are all totally adorable and fun, so go check them out. […]

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