Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

By |June 29th, 2011|

I was so excited when I held my daughter in my arms for the first time.  She came out red-faced and screaming, and I knew in that moment that she would be a stubborn, passionate little pistol.  I couldn’t have been happier as I kissed her chubby cheeks and counted her tiny fingers and toes, marveling at how I could possibly love someone so much that I’d never even met before.  That was yesterday.

Today she turned three…

How in the world did that happen?


Father’s Day Tea Towel Apron

By |June 6th, 2011|

My dad has a talent for spilling things on himself, especially when he eats.  Instead of leaning over his plate and gently easing the food into his mouth, he uses his utensils to fling the food in his general direction.  ^_^  It’s actually quite funny and endearing (or at least I hope it is, because I’ve inherited the same problem, only I usually have a hole in my lip while drinking).

So for Father’s Day this year, I thought I’d make my dad something he could use (and that my stepmom would enjoy and appreciate, as well!)  However, my dad is also an avid green thumb and master of the BBQ, so hopefully he’ll get lots of use out of his gift.


Handmade Gift Exchange

By |June 2nd, 2011|

So as I was completing my morning ritual of stalking browsing the blogs this morning, I came across the most wonderful thing I’ve seen in a long time.

A Handmade Gift Exchange for crafty people around the globe!

How fun is that?  I mean seriously, when was the last time you poured all your heart and soul into a handmade gift for a perfect stranger?


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