Ok, so I’m officially addicted to the ocean’s natural bling.  It was over a week ago that I created a charm bracelet out of coral, starfish, sand dollars and pearls, and I’ve ended up wearing it every single day. I love it like a fat kid loves cake… (Or like my daughter loves Toy Story.  Anyone that knows us will know that its bordering an OCD obsession at this point.)

Anyways, it was definitely time for some earrings to match my beloved bracelet.  What do you think?

I wanted earrings that were simple and elegant.  I wish I could take credit for the understated natural beauty of these earrings, but Mother Nature has about a million + years on me, and she is a master of her craft.  I can show you how to harness that beauty, however.  This is a relatively short and easy tutorial, and you’ll be able to knock these babies out in a matter of minutes if you’ve already made the matching bracelet.

Here’s what you’ll need:

I think I finally remembered everything for the picture this time.  About time.  Yeesh.

step 1: Open your bail and insert the coral piece.  The irregular shape of the coral will make it difficult to attach the bail, but don’t worry, we’ll get to that.

step 2: Using your pliers, pinch the bail onto the coral as best you can.  Try not to jostle it too much, as the coral isn’t incredibly stabilized yet and it may fall out.

step 3: Now to put that wiggly coral in it’s place.  Cut a length of wire off the spool.  About one loop should be enough.

step 4: Curl one end of your wire into a hook that’s just the right size to fit snugly over your bail-covered coral.

step 5: Use your pliers to wrap the entire length of the wire around the coral and bail.

step 6: Ta da!!  A non-wiggly coral charm.  And I kind of like the look of the wrapped bail.

step 7: You’ll notice in the “Materials” picture that the earring hoops had jump ring hole on the inside of the hoops.  But when I hung the coral from that (even with extremely small jump rings), the coral hung much too low and didn’t look good.

We have to get a little creative to combat that problem.  First, thread a jump ring through the loop on the coral bail and close it.  Then bend the lower earring hole around the hoop.  After that just slip the entire jump ring over the upper arm of the earring hoop.

**NOTE:  You’ll want to use the smallest jump rings you can find so the coral hangs in the middle of the hoop, not below it, as you want the coral to have a “framed” look.

step 8: Using the pliers, squeeze the jump ring tightly around the arm of the earring arm, as you don’t want the coral charm to be able to slip off.  The jump ring should be tight, so just keep turning and squeezing, turning and squeezing until it’s completely snug against the earring arm.

step 9: Open up your “earring hanger” (lol I haven’t a clue as to what they’re actually called.  Maybe one of my brilliant readers can enlighten me).

step 10: Slip your earring onto your earring hanger and there you have it!!  Your own unique, natural ocean bling.

**NOTE: Remember that there is a very slight difference between the front and the back sides of your earrings.  The front of your earrings will be the side that the bulk of your coral hangs on.  In order to make them hang correctly while wearing them, remember to attach your earring hangers so that the candy cane shape is pointing away from the front.  Clear as mud, eh?

I’m really loving the way they came out.

I was originally going to add another pop of blue, but I loved them so much that I left them as-is.

I want to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone that has encouraged me over the young life of this blog.  I am absolutely astounded and humbled by the response I’ve gotten. Although I just started in the wonderful world of blogland, it is you – the readers – that have made it such a joy.  I’m really looking forward to being a part of your lives for a long time to come!!  =]

Thank you again for crafting with me!!