My pops is a total green-thumb, and anything garden related is instinctual for him.  I guess that trait skips a generation though, because I have a habit of loving my plants to death.  I either drown them by overwatering, or fry them in what I consider a nice sunny spot, or strangle them in a small pot, or, or, or… My dad keeps trying teach me though, bless him.

Anyway, as well as being a gardening genius, daddy has a natural affinity for animals that frequent his green oasis.  This includes hummingbirds, as we have sat back and counted as many as 15 hummingbirds feeding at his many feeders at one time.  Yes, I know they are territorial – it’s actually kind of funny to watch them chase each other around.

Daddy swears it’s his recipe, and has agreed to share it with my lovely blog readers in the hopes that you all will have the same success.  Here’s what you need:

My dad made it a point to tell me to use cane or granulated sugar only.  No honey, no artificial sweeteners, no red food coloring, as all of these things can hurt the hummers.

step 1: For every cup of warm water, use 1/4 cup sugar.  If you are following my Earth Day Hummingbird Feeder tutorial, I used 2 cups warm water and (2) 1/4 cups of sugar.

step 2: Stir the sugar into the warm water to dissolve it a bit.  It’s ok if some granules still remain.

step 3: Put the water into the microwave for 1-2 minutes to completely dissolve the sugar.

step 4: You’ll know when the sugar has been dissolved enough when the water is relatively clear.  Put your nectar mixture into the freezer to cool a bit.

step 5: Pour your cooled nectar mixture into your hummingbird feeder using a funnel.

Enjoy your feeder and your handmade nectar!!  We know your local hummingbirds will.  ^_-