Our elf’s name is Keebler, and he is a huge part of our holidays.  The little crazy one talks about him all year, which sometimes leads to guest appearances during other holidays.  For years our daughter had dreamed of bringing Keebler with her… well, anywhere.  Costco, the mall, her school, wherever.  But that pesky “no touching” rule always got in the way.

Well this year, we had a very special Christmas trip to Disneyland planned for the family.  And since Keebler is a part of our family, we decided that the trip wouldn’t be complete unless he went with us.  But how did you get around the “You’re elf will die a horrendously painful and excruciating magical death if you touch him” rule?  Well, it started like this…


We woke the morning of our trip to find a special ornament hanging on the tree beneath Keebler’s little brother, Buddy.  Weird… it hand’t been there the night before.  Wonder how it got there?  I know it’s hard to tell by the drawing, but to translate it basically says, “Do not open until you get to Disneyland.”  Our elf on the shelf obviously stinks at Pictionary…

As per the instructions, we waited to open the package until we arrived.  Inside we found this charm bracelet (don’t judge, this thing was created by a very masculine individual, lol.)  Along with the bracelet was a note telling Maddy to put it on, and that when she did something magical would happen.  When she did we all received a shock, as Keebler the elf on the shelf suddenly appeared in my purse – with another note that said: “The bracelet holds magic that lets me hug you without getting hurt!”

This all happened so quickly that I wasn’t able to get any pictures of the moment… Mom fail.

Maddy was THRILLED and screamed loud enough to draw some weird looks.  But it was totally worth it.  Of course, our first stop was to take some cuddly photos of the two of them together, since they had never been able to hug each other before.  ^_^  Que heart melting!!




Keebler saw the train at the front entrance and immediately wanted to ride it.


But like any naughty little elf on the shelf, he had a hard time following the rules…


But then he caught sight of the Disneyland Telegraph and Cable office, and got very excited.  Supposedly they don’t have smartphones up in the North Pole, because they’d be too busy on elf on the shelf social media to get things done before Christmas.  So they all communicate with the outside world by telegraph.  Who knew, right?


When we got off the train, Keebler saw his very favorite flowers ever – poinsettias, of course!!  They have fields of them back home in the North Pole.  I mean duh, where else did I think they came from?


The train station was close to the Indiana Jones ride, which we didn’t have much hope of riding because Maddy wasn’t tall enough.  But Keebler hid in the bushes and used some of his elf magic to stretch Maddy’s legs.  We were all extremely excited when the adventurer measuring people said that she was tall enough!!  Thanks, Keebler!!


Keebler was as excited as Maddy, and was literally climbing the walls to get on the ride.



He took a rest at the top and then continued on his vertical journey.


It was tough-and-go there for a minute.  But this elf on the shelf definitely has what it takes to be an adventurer!!


We finally made it to the ride, but Keebler was starting to feel a little nervous.  He had never been on this ride before, and he was such a little elf on the shelf.  But after a pep-talk from his bestie, he found his courage and was ready to go.


The jeep we were riding in started bouncing around and almost fell off the track at one point.  Keebler decided that whoever was driving was not very good at it, and took it upon himself to take over.  I’m convinced that it’s only thanks to him that we survived.


All that climbing and driving made Keebler hungry.  He was thrilled to see that Disneyland had proper restaurants filled with the sugary, sticky, sweet treats that are the staples in a healthy elf on the shelf diet.


He decided on a churro and an ice cream, with a side of caramel dipping sauce in case he got a little peckish later.


After lunch, as we were all in line for the Finding Nemo ride, we noticed that Keebler was holding onto his afternoon caramel snack awfully tightly.



Ah… ok.  ^_-


“Don’t worry Keebler,” we told him, as a chorus of mine, mine, mine echoed in the background.  “If they want your food, they’re going to have to get through us first!!”


After Finding Nemo, we wondered that if Maddy was big enough for the Indiana Jones ride, she surely must be also big enough for the Matterhorn.  Unfortunately, Keebler informed us that the yeti was a bit too scary for him, and he swore that he’d actually seen one once at the North Pole.


We headed to the central square to get a good view of the castle.  Keebler was excited that it was decorated for Christmas, and said that it made him feel like he was back home.  Then he caught sight of some of the characters from “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” (his favorite show), and immediately wanted to go over and introduce himself.






From there we decided to go to Pirates of the Caribbean.  The sun sparkling on the water was beautiful…


… But then we saw a pirate ship sail by, and Keebler got all tangled in the ropes while trying to run and hide.


After we untangled our silly little elf on the shelf, we headed over to The Little Mermaid ride.  Keebler was more than happy to go unda da sea and perfect his swimming technique with his favorite Disney princess.


After the ride as we were browsing the shops, Maddy suddenly realized why Ariel is Keebler’s favorite – they could be long-lost siblings!!  Hehe.


We were excited to present our little elf on the shelf with his very own Mickey Mouse ears hat.  I think the smile on his face says it all.



Maddy definitely enjoyed her day with her special elf on the shelf friend.  I hope Keebler’s Disney adventure has inspired you, perhaps even enough to plan an elf on the shelf adventure of your own… Because after all, if it helps our kids believe in magic during this day and age, then it’s worth it, right?


Right.  ^_^