I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was to finish my daughter’s Halloween costume this year – it was literally a blast from my own past and a major sense of deja vu (My 4th birthday party was an Ariel party, and I can still recite every word and song of “The Little Mermaid”, for goodness sake!)

But what’s the first thing my little brat sweetheart asks when she sees her “Little Mermaid” tail and Ariel’s seashell bra?

“Where’s Flounder, Mommy?”

I felt like Emeril… You want Flounder?  BAM!  How you like them apples, kid?

And for once during this entire process, I didn’t find myself screaming, “My nerves are shot!  This is a catastrophe!”  (heh, did you catch that Sebastian reference?)  This project came together exactly the way I wanted – gotta love it when that happens (I kept nervously looking around waiting for a crazy octo- sea witch to curse Flounder into oblivion.  That’s more the luck I’m used to.)

You want one?  Ok, then!  Ready… Set… Go!

You will also need the Flounder facial stencil (gotta love them CRAZEE eyes, lol) as well as the Flounder fins stencil.  It may help (but definitely isn’t necessary) to print these stencils out on card stock.

step 1: Hopefully you’re cheap frugal like me and save your yearly plastic Easter eggs.  Find one large and two small, and take them apart.  It doesn’t matter what color they are – we’re going to paint them anyway.

step 2: Set aside the two smaller, rounder halves of the smaller eggs – these will be Flounder’s cheeks.  Then grab the larger, more pointed side of the bigger egg – this will be Flounder’s nose.

step 3: Cut one rounded half of Flounder’s nose at an angle – this helps it lay against the rounded surface of the trick-or-treat bucket (or at least that’s what my husband tells me, lol).

step 4: Fill the little holes on the ends of your eggs with small dabs of hot glue.

step 5: Glue your nose and cheeks to your bucket with a hot glue gun, then add a second bead of hot glue around the outside edges, like a caulk.

**NOTE: Be sure to glue your facial features onto an area of the bucket where the handle will look like Flounder’s “mohawk fin“.

step 6: Print and cut out the features in the Flounder Facial Stencil.

step 7: Trace the shape of your eyes onto the white felt.

step 8: Cut your felt eyes out.

step 9: Cut the circular irises from your paper stencils and trace them onto green felt, then cut them out and glue them onto your white eyes.

step 10: Use your black puffy paint to make pupils.  Set your eyes aside in a safe place, as puffy paint can take a while to dry.

step 11: Trace your mouth stencil onto your maroon felt.

step 12: Cut out your mouth shape.

step 13: Cut the tongue out of your paper stencil, but leave a notch at the top where the line is.

step 14: Trace your tongue stencil onto the pink felt.

step 15: Cut out your tongue and glue it to the mouth using your hot glue gun.  Set it aside with your eyes.

step 16: Free-hand Flounder’s aqua side stripes onto your felt.  The reason why I didn’t provide a stencil for these is because everyone’s Halloween trick-or-treat bucket will be a different size and shape.  What works for me may not work for you.  Therefore, simply draw as many stripes that work for your shaped bucket.

step 17: Cut out your stripes (I did 3 for each side).

step 18: Print the Flounder Fin stencil and cut out your pectoral (side) fin.

step 19: Trace two pectoral fin stencils onto your stiff dark blue felt.

step 20: Cut out both of your dark blue pectoral fins.

step 21: Cut your pectoral fin stencil apart and save the middle.

step 22: Trace and cut out the middle piece of your pectoral stencil onto the aqua felt.  Cut out two full-size middles (for the front of your fins) and two half-size middles (for the back – the tops won’t show, so why add more work for yourself?)

step 23: Glue your front pieces on using your hot glue gun.

step 24: Flip your fins over and attach the aqua pieces again.

step 25: Cut out your tail fin from the Flounder Fin Stencil.  I colored a light-dark-light-dark pattern to make the next few steps easier.  But it is strongly possible that you are smarter than me and don’t need to do this…  =}

step 26: Trace your tail fin onto the stiff, dark blue felt.

step 27: Trace and cut out another tail fin from the stiff, dark blue felt, but this time just the bottom edge.

step 28:  This next step will be clear as mud, I’m sure.  Glue the second, smaller section of dark blue felt on top of the larger tail fin.  However, DO NOT GLUE THE BOTTOM EDGE!  Make sure to glue the two pieces together to that you can open the bottom pieces, almost like a book.  Ugh… that was painful, I’m sorry.

step 29: Cut the tail fin stencil apart, but save all the pieces.

step 30: Trace the first white shape onto your aqua felt, then flip it over and trace it again.  Mark that white piece with an “x” so you know it’s been used.

step 31: Cut out and glue your first aqua piece to one side of the tail.


step 32: Flip your tail over and glue your second aqua piece on using hot glue.

step 33: Place one of the colored stencil pieces (colored to represent dark blue – get it?)  next to the glued aqua piece.  Then – working your way up the tail – trace your second white stencil piece onto the aqua felt, flip, and trace again.  Cut out both pieces and attach them using hot glue.  Repeat steps 30-33 until your tail is complete.

step 34: Spray paint both the inside and outside of your Halloween trick-or-treat bucket.

step 35: Glue your felt eyes and mouth into their proper places.

step 36: Add details around the eyes and mouth using your black puffy paint.

step 37: Open the bottom “book edge” of your tail, adding hot glue to the inside of both sides to attach.

step 38: Decide where to place your stripes and pectoral fins, and attach them to your bucket with hot glue.

And that’s it!!  Cute, right?

Almost convincing enough that I expect him to start belting out, “Under da sea!” at any moment.

Ok, maybe not that convincing.  But I hope you like him all the same!

Thanks for crafting with me, ya’ll!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.  Until next time!!