Good evening, my minions! MUHAHAHAHA…. Oh wait, Halloween is over. Wasn’t it fun, though? We love Halloween so much at my house, I almost wish it was a monthly affair.

Almost.  =}

Here’s how our Halloween went:

After dressing in our Little Mermaid Tail, Sea Shell Bra, and snapping up our Flounder Bucket, we took a quick trip to Disneyland.  Of course, I wasn’t able to get a picture of my little  brat  booger  irritation  Ariel in front of the iconic Disneyland sign because it was too sunny.  (By the way: do any of your children refuse to take pictures in sunny locations because they are convinced the sun will, and I quote, “Punch holes in their eyes,”?  Oh, is that just my weirdo of a child?  *sigh* Of course.)

From there we made our way throughout the park, my child waving away as if she was the lead princess in the Disney parade.  And where was I when she practiced the “winner of the small town beauty queen pageant wave” to absolute perfection?

Alright, so she was pretty cute.  So cute, in fact, that an amazingly awesome cast member named Wendy gave Maddy a special surprise…

A postcard signed by Ariel and all her friends!!!  HOW COOL IS THAT?!  Maddy is going to love having this  before I steal it at the first possible opportunity.  Bless you, Wendy.  You’ve made all my childhood‘s dreams come true.

After that it was off to see the princesses.

After a few more poses, of course.  ^_-

The first princess we saw was Ariel!!  And she was totally awesome.  She took a long time with Maddy, just talking.  Here’s how the conversation went:

Ariel: “Oh my goodness!  Hello, Little One!!  What’s your name?”
Maddy: “Ariel.”
Ariel: *laughing* “Of course.”

Ariel: “Oh, and you brought Flounder with you!”
Maddy: “Yeah, Daddy made it!!”  ( … -_- … lol)
Ariel: “Oh… uh… it’s very nice…”
(It was at this point that my husband’s face turned the shade of their hair as he quickly corrected Madison that Mommy made it, thank-you-very-much.  BAHAHAHA!!!  I love you, Babe.)

Ariel: “And where do you live, Sweetie?”
Maddy: “Under the sea.”
(You could tell that Ariel was trying to keep a straight face.  But bless her, she plowed right ahead.)

Ariel: “And where did you get that pretty sea star?”
Maddy: “The ocean.”

We all busted up then, even the Disneyland photographer.  My daughter, the method actor.

Time for one more picture with my Maddy’s hero, and then it was on to Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella!

Sleeping Beauty was very sweet – she held Maddy’s hand all the way to Cinderella, where she personally introduced Maddy.  Gotta love princess hospitality!!  :)

We had just enough time for a quick ride on The Haunted Mansion before it was time to go home and rest before trick-or-treating.

We HEART the cool aunts and uncles who love going trick-or-treating as much as we do!!  LOVE YOU AMANDA AND RICH!!!  (Dad wasn’t in the picture because he forgot a piece of his costume and had to rush home.  Ugh, boys.)

And here’s one of Hipster Ariel (AKA: Helvetica, disdainful of anything mainstream.  Also disgusted with husbands who are worse at keeping track of things than their five-year-old daughters.  Lol, just kidding, Babe.  Kind of…)

And look, Ariel even remembered her dinglehopper! (“See Dad?” lol, That was all her.)

Dad was back for the traditional first house photo.

Happy Halloween, everyone!  I hope ya’ll had as much fun as we did this year.  What did you or your kiddos dress up as this year?  Any stories you’d like to share?  I can’t wait to hear them!!