My idea of the perfect day is taking a long walk through Laguna Beach, admiring the boutiques that sell clothes I can’t afford and appreciating the artwork of my fellow local artists.  Even if you’re not a big beach fan, the art alone is worth visiting Laguna Beach.  I’m proud to say that we have some of the loveliest paintings, photography, sculptures, and handmade goods in the world.

There are so many things for people to lose themselves in when visiting.  But the best part of meandering through Laguna Beach is experiencing all the natural splendor of the area.  It’s a spiritual experience that is cleansing to the soul.

Or maybe I’m just a beach nut.

Whatever the case, I thought it was time to share my daily walking experiences with my readers.  I want to start with Heisler Park, as it is one of my favorite areas in Laguna Beach.

The park itself is nestled on a hillside overlooking the water.  Some of the thinner, younger saplings have been thrust against the ground by continuous winds over the years, and to this day continue to grow in that beautiful sweeping motion.

A cliff path overlooks the edge of the beach, and the views are absolutely breathtaking.

My daughter usually joins me on my walks, and I’m constantly having to forcibly pull her away from the flowers.  She wants to pick them all and take them home with us.  I can’t say that I blame her (or that we haven’t snuck a rose or two home in a bottle of water when no one was watching).

The path slopes gently down to the water, whose colors are extremely vibrant and pure…

Is there anything cuter in life than fat, sandy baby feet?  (It was at this point that she put her feet in my lap and said, “Mommy, piggy piggy!” which translates into “This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home.”)

Life doesn’t get much better than sitting on the beach with your daughter and playing piggy piggy with her fat little toes.  ^_^

I hope you enjoyed this trip to Laguna Beach with me!!  Check back soon, because I’m planning lots of walks through the various beautiful areas of Southern California.