We have a new morning routine in the Wright household: “The Morning Art Kick Start”.  Yeah, I like to rhyme.  I’m corny like that.  In all honesty, I’m the queen of corn.  ^_^

Every morning from 7 to 10am, Maddy and I do all kinds of arts and crafts.  Not only is it fun for her, but it also provides some special mommy/daughter quality time.  I quite enjoy this time together, and (in my own not so humble opinion), it’s much better than plopping her in front of the television.

Our first craft was this I-Spy Tube.  I’ve seen these for sale in places like Barnes n’ Noble upwards of $25 or more (yeesh)!  However, I’ve also seen other creative bloggers like Jill Dubien from “Meet the Dubiens”, and Brandy from Gluesticks” (Brandy’s way of doing it is super creative.  She uses a homemade bag instead of a tube, which has a pocket to hold your laminated picture list as well as a dry erase marker for your little one to cross them out as they find them.  I stumbled upon her version after we’d already made ours, otherwise I might have done it her way.)

Let’s get to it!

Seriously, this was one of the easiest craft projects ev-er.  You probably already have everything you need right there at home.

step 1: It’s amazing the amount of stuff that seems to accumulate in all the little nooks and crannies of the toy boxes around this place.  The first thing you want to do is retrieve it, and allow your little one to lead the charge.  =]  I think this was Maddy’s favorite part, because it ended up being like a treasure hunt.  We found everything from beads, charms, a tiny shell, and little goodies that seemed to appear out of nowhere (The Hulk?  Really?  Where’d that come from?)

Once you’ve found everything, line it up nice and pretty against a contrasting background so you can take an organized photo.

step 2: (This part is fun for little fists, and gives your kid a chance to be more involved in the entire process.)  ^_^    Put a couple of toys in the bottom and cover with uncooked rice.  Repeat this process until all your toys are covered.  **NOTE: Do NOT fill it all the way to the top.  Leave room to be able to shake the tube and find the goodies.

step 3: I know my picture shows a ring of hot glue around the rim of the tube, but that didn’t work so well.  It ended up being kind of a mess.  Instead, put the hot glue on the inside of the lid instead of on the lip of the tube – much less of a mess.  In fact, none at all.

step 4: Print out the picture of the toys and laminate it.  Using a long piece of ribbon or string, attach it to the bottle so the kiddos always know what to look for.

And there you have it!!  A quick, easy, and cheap toy.  Does life get much better?

Nope, I guess not.  =}

Thanks for joining me today, and happy crafting everyone!!