I’m having so much fun creating mini, magical little furniture for our fairy gardens.  And in case you get the “Fairy Garden Bug” like I have, I’ve listed all my mini accessory ideas in a central location for easy reference.


The arbor was made from a single, fake pussywillow branch from Michael’s.  I simply trimmed it to size and wired all the branch shoots together into a “U” shape.

I think my favorite piece of furniture is this wire chair, created using this tutorial from Design Sponge.  So cute!!

This little branchy bench was inspired by this beautiful example.  I’m not sure how much I like mine because I needed a lot of hot glue to keep the branches together.  I’m thinking of trying again with larger branches and very small nails, but in the meantime this bench just looks like it has dew drops collected on it.  Yeah… dew drops.  Let’s go with that.

This chair was actually a large wood chip that caught my eye because of it’s shape.  I immediately thought it would make a lovely place for our fairy to sun herself.  =}  So I brought it home, sanded it down a bit to prevent any splinters in little fingers, and added a shell on the back for stability.  Yet again, a cute piece of furniture.  For free!! Doesn’t get much better.

I carved this driftwood bench from some extremely soft driftwood, then glued extra pieces on as arms.  Shells on the bottom prevent it from tipping, and the pearls on top add just a touch of whimsy.

The “planters” on either side were created using shells and fake flower buds.

The four-poster bed was created using a larger bowl-shaped shell.  In order to make it comfy, I padded it with reindeer moss and used a cotton ball for the pillow, gluing it all down so that it wouldn’t fall out when little hands moved it around during playtime.

I added the shells and pearls on top for some dramatic flair, and glued the clam shells to the bottom for stability.

We made this mailbox out of tiny pieces of bark, simply gluing them together and mod podging over the entire inside and outside for added strength.

The little rolled-up scroll inside the mailbox was left by Maddy’s new fairy tenant, Faylinn the Fairy Queen.  It thanked her for building such a beautiful home, and even had a tube of fairy dust tucked inside.

I’m loving this little swing.  Not only is it darling (forgive me tooting my own horn here), but it was also free to make!!  ^_^  However, even if you have to go out and buy supplies because you don’t have them all at hand, it’ll only cost you around $10 (possibly less depending on where you go).

The picket fence was found in the wood section at Joann’s, and I think it was $1.38 (or something around there).  I’m telling you peeps, although this fence is uber-adorable, you don’t have to spend oodles of money in order to have fun with fairy gardening!!

A simple snip in the wires, bent at a 90 degree angle, and viola! A little garden gate.

Our little patio and pathway was created using this sheet of mesh-laid tiles.

We simply cut the tiles to size and used black sand purchased from the craft store as the “grout”.  The easiest way to get the sand in the tiny crevices between the tiles was to simply pour it on and a spray bottle to wash it into the cracks.  Very easy.  =]

So how do you know when you’ve met your soulmate?  In my case it was when he invented a miniature fairy lake for our daughter, because he knows how much she loves to play in fountains.  I swear, I love this man more than life itself.  ^_^

My husband absolutely amazes me, because he created an entire fairy waterfall out of a fish tank water pump and scraps from the trash (an angel food cake bowl on the bottom and a piece of plastic from some packaging up top).  The fact that he was willing to go through all this work in order to make something memorable for his kid makes me fall in love with him all over again.

I bought a four-pack of these small pots from Michael’s for less than $1.50.  Add a bit of soil, a small clipping from a succulent, and a nail glued on the bottom (to keep the pot in place), and there you have it!!  The most adorable little fairy pot on the planet!!

I also adore these tiny mushrooms clustered together on a bed of moss.  You can find the tutorial for them here.

This little table was created using basically the same idea as the mushrooms, only on a larger scale.  I glued a flat river rock to some sort of wooden base that I stole recycled from my mom’s potpourri bowl, then painted the top with a red base and white dots.  In order to make it stay put in the garden and not topple over the uneven ground, I glued a long nail to the bottom to create a “fairy table pick”.  A small shell on top to use as a plate or bowl completes the setup.

The “Fairies Welcome” sign was made out of a flat piece of bark and a small set of stamps that I recently purchased from Michael’s $1 bin.  I simply stamped the welcome message on the bark, then mod podged it on the front and back so it wouldn’t fall apart when handled.  Once dry, I glued it to a long stick and viola! An adorable little sign.

That’s it for now, but I’m nowhere near finished.  I already have more ideas than I know what to do with coming out my ears, so I’ll add to this list as I go along.  Thanks again for reading, everyone, and happy crafting!!


I’m entering the 2011 Fairy Garden Competition hosted by the blog, The Magic Onions!