Miniature Fairy Mushrooms

The day we created our Picket Fence Fairy Garden, I knew we were going to need some teeny-tiny accessories to add the right amount of magical whimsy.  However, seeing as how expensive these accessories can be (like this Miniature Garden Bridge, which is freaking adorable.  But at almost $40, it’s more than I spent on the entire garden.  C’mon now…), I decided to make my own.

One of the first items I created were these mushrooms, which were the perfect size – and better yet, they were free because I already had everything on hand!  Ha!!  Take that overly-adorable-I-could-cry fairy garden bridge!!

I love these little mushrooms.  They’re cheap, easy, and quick enough that you could complete them over your morning cup of coffee.  Here’s what you need:

I was too lazy busy to go buy some red acrylic paint, so I used a bit of deep red nail polish instead.  Like I said, using what I have on hand.  Actually, I’m pleasantly surprised, because the nail polish has held up really well, maybe even better than paint would have. In fact, you probably don’t even need to use sealant if you don’t want.

step 1: Upholstery tacks are available at most craft stores and at Walmart for under $3 for a very large pack.  Their shape naturally lends itself to be tiny mushrooms, in my opinion.  ^_^

Push your mushrooms into cork, foam board, or even a sanding pad so they’re standing straight up.  It should look almost like a little mushroom forest.

step 2: Paint the tops of your mushrooms red.

step 3: Let dry.  ^_-

step 4: Use the tip of your brush (or even a toothpick) to place tiny white dots on top of the crisscrossing hatch marks.

step 5: Allow to dry again and seal with your sealant (optional).

That’s it!!  Aren’t they the cutest?

And they look even better tucked into your fairy garden.  Just the right amount of magic.

For another look, push them into little driftwood logs.

I hope you liked this whimsical little tutorial!!  Stay tuned for more magic coming soon.


I’m entering the 2011 Fairy Garden Competition hosted by the blog, The Magic Onions!

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8 thoughts on “Miniature Fairy Mushrooms”

    1. Thank you so much. =} Actually, these would probably do just fine in a little terrarium if you wanted them for inside. The same principals would apply – gravel, soil, planted with small houseplants and spritzed a little each day out of a spray bottle. (I say houseplants because most indoor plants are variations on tropical species, which would do well in a glass container because of the humidity it would create.) You could probably even make teeny-tiny little furniture and things, that would be adorable!! Ok, you’ve got me going on yet another thing I’d like to make. lol ^_^

    1. I guess that’s a valid worry, Blu. I’m not sure how old your kids are; however, I’ve tried to show my three-year-old from a young age what “sharp” is, and that it makes for a big owwie! I always take needles, rose thorns – and these tacks as well – and GENTLY press them against the tip of her finger so she knows what it feels like. I’ve never had a problem (and seeing as how needles and pins always seem to end up in her little hands after my sewing projects, that’s saying something!) I hope this helps!!

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