You may have noticed I’m now on Pinterest, and I’m totally addicted.  I can’t stop pinning things!  I find myself drawn to Pinterest a lot more than the other social media because by nature, Pinterest is a lot more personal.  When I make a friend on Pinterest, I’m not just looking at pictures of them smiling at the camera; I’m seeing all kinds of things that inspire them.  It’s a whole new level of knowing someone, and it’s wonderful.  You can check my Pinterest boards out here – I’d love to see you there!

I first read about the Pinterest Challenge while browsing around The Lettered Cottage, and was instantly curious.  Plus, it was nice knowing there are others out there (like me) who can barely pull themselves away from the computer because they’re too busy pinning everything in sight.

Once I watched this hilarious video (I was giggling enough to make my husband walk in and ask what I was doing), I was hooked.  ^_^  I mean c’mon, how cute are they?  And by they I mean these girls:

Sherry, Katie, Emily, and Lana.  And yes, their blogs are all totally adorable and fun, so go check them out.If you’re interested in joining the challenge, here are all the details.  And if you’re anything like me, you’ll be laughing all the way through this.  ^_-

So your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to choose a project from Pinterest and get your craft on!!  Paint it, sew it, stuff it, glue it – whatever it is that inspires you, do it!!  And then show it off over at Young House Love.  Oh, and I should probably let you know that I was a little late on stumbling into this project, as the unofficial “due date” was August 2.  Um, yeah… two days ago.  However, you can still submit your projects for another four days, or again (if you’re like me), you can just be happy that you finally got something done!!  =P

I’ll be posting my own project later today so until then, Happy Crafting and pin away, my friends!!  ^_^