So as I talked about in yesterday’s tutorial about making your own Ruffle Bib Boutique Shirt, I love getting the $80 look for less than $8.  Today we’re working on the matching leggings for yesterday’s shirt, and I’m so excited to show you how it’s done so you can dress your daughter up and watch her proudly model your hard work.

What a goof… Just like her mama.  :)

When I tell you how quick and easy these are, I literally mean they take all of 10 minutes to make.  7 if you’re faster than me, which you more than likely are (I’m completely self-taught, so I can’t guarantee the prettiest of sew jobs.  My creations usually stand up in the washer though, so that’s something!)  ^_^ To create your own pair, here’s what you need:

I’m telling you, easy.  Here we go!!

step 1: Ugh, the blur factor on this picture is craptastic.  Sorry about that.  Anyway, first things first: fold your pants in half and make sure the bottom seams match up exactly.

step 2: Cut the bottom seams off the leggings depending on what length you’d like the pants to be.  I wanted mine full-length, so I only cut off about 2.5 inches.  However, these would look adorable as capris as well, in which case you’d cut to just above the knee.

step 3: Cut two strips of fabric for your ruffles – one for each pant leg.  I have to admit, I’m a lazy sewer.  I usually don’t measure unless I have to, and in this case, I decided I didn’t.  My rule of thumb when making ruffles is: measurement of area to be ruffled x 4.  This makes for an extremely ruffled… well, ruffle.  :}  You gotta know I like me some really ruffled ruffles.

However, in this case we want to measure the area to be ruffled (3 inches long by 2.5 inches wide, in my case), multiply it by two (because there is a front and back to the pant leg), and then multiply that number by four.  So my measurements looked like this:

3” (bottom) x 2 (front & back) = 6”
6” x 4 = the length of fabric you need to make a ruffle (28” long x 2.5” wide)

Clear as mud, right?

step 4: To ruffle a piece of fabric, you always want to set your machine to your longest stitch length and your highest tension number.

step 5: Ruffle your two fabric strips.  I like to hold my hand behind whatever I’m ruffling in order to help it along.  Be sure to backstitch when you first begin so you can manage the size of your ruffles without them coming apart.

step 6: Right sides together, pin your ruffles to the bottom of your leggings and sew them together (remember to set your tension and stitch length back to normal!)  I like to sew around them twice: once over the ruffling line, and the second time a little below it on the bigger side of the ruffle.  Be careful not to sew your legs shut!  This can be a little tricky, but just go slowly and frequently check that you’re not sewing over something you’re not supposed to.

step 7: With the ruffles and legging right-side out, pin the lace about a half-inch above the ruffles.  I don’t like to cut my length of lace until I have it completely wrapped around the leg, which has saved me from making so many mistakes.  :}

step 8: Sew your lace onto your leggings while once again making sure that you’re not sewing the legs shut.  Because pants without leg holes don’t really work too well.  ^_-

And that’s it!  I know it seems intricate, but don’t let it scare you.  I promise it’s super easy, and very rewarding!!

After this I’ve literally had to stop myself from putting ruffles on all my daughter’s pants, lol.  I wonder what they’d look like on the bottom of a 20-something’s jeans…?  Hmmmmm.

But wait, there’s more!!

Gasp!  “More?!” You might ask, “How can there be more?”  Join me tomorrow for the tutorial on how to make a matching Ruffle Chiffon Flower Headband in order to truly complete your boutique outfit!!

Until then lovlies, thank you again for joining me!  I can’t wait to hear how your own boutique outfits are coming along.  See you tomorrow!