First off, I have to apologize for disappearing on you guys for half a month (yikes, was it really that long?  Sorry…)  My family had a bit of a crisis, but thank God everyone is healthy and happy once again.  I was constantly thinking about getting back to my readers during my absence.  But day after day was continually filled with chaos, and I never got the chance.

I hated leaving you for so long.  But imagine my delighted surprise when I (finally) got the chance to log back on, only to see comments and followers galore.

Wow…  *Tear*

Thanks you guys… I totally needed that.  =}  Your support buoys my spirits more than you know.  Ok, let’s get on with the tutorial before I start blubbering over my keyboard.  I could just see myself shorting out my laptop.  No bueno.

Anyone who knew me as child would tell you that growing up, I was convinced that I was Ariel from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”.  My mom was a model back in the day, and it definitely didn’t help with my delusion imagination when she had a professional mermaid costume created just for me.  There was even a phase where I refused to enter the bathtub unless I was allowed to wear my rubber flippers so I could flop around like a mermaid while bathing (Dear God, please refrain from repeating that particular behavior with my daughter).

Needless to say, I have carried that same obsession love for mermaids into adulthood. As I recently looked upon a lovely mermaid sculpted by a local artist, I was instantly excited.  The artist had created the look of a mermaid swimming under water, her fins in motion and her flowing hair held away from her face by a craggy starfish.  I was instantly in love.

The idea kept whirling in my mind like that gorgeous mermaid.  Could one use a real starfish as some sort of beautiful beachy hairpin?  Or was that too ridiculous an accessory, even for someone as crazy adventurous as me?

Well, then life happened, and it wasn’t so much fun.  In fact, it was downright messy, and after it all I could totally care less what was ridiculous and what was expected – I just wanted to let loose and smile.  So I decided to give myself “Mermaid Hair” (which is just pure awesomeness in my not so humble opinion).  And thus, the Starfish Hairpin was born.

Bonus: it’s so easy, even a caveman can do it.  =}

Here’s what you need:

Easy enough.  If you live in a place where starfish may be difficult to attain, try Michael’s, JoAnn’s, or another large craft chain.  I’ve found that they usually have a small shell section that includes different size starfish for under $3 or $4.

step 1: Cut two felt circles that fit on the middle backside of the starfish, and hot glue one down.

step 2: Try to find two arms of the starfish that are as close to straight across as possible, and lay your bobby pin down.

step 3: Slip the second felt circle through the bobby pin.  Before gluing, lay the bobby pin and felt circle down once more to line up the edges of the two circles.  Once you have everything lined up so that nothing sticks out or shows when your starfish is flipped over, you can hot glue it all together.

step 4: This step is completely optional.  I embellished my starfish a bit, but leaving the starfish in it’s plain, natural beauty is lovely, as well.

And there you have it.  I’m totally in luuuve, so much so that I don’t even care if I look like the nerdy, mermaid-obsessed dork that I am.  Hmmm… I’m having a vision of tacky bumper stickers: “Dorky, mermaid-obsessed, and proud of it!”  Ha.

Yeah, I’m definitely happy with this one.  Beachy quirkiness at it’s finest.  ^_^  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the pin is very light.  I reinforced my hair style with two other bobby pins before putting my starfish on.  It stayed on my head without issue until 1am, whereupon it got caught on my netted cardigan when I forgot it was in my hair while I was putting on my PJ’s.

Anyways, I’d love to hear what you think.  Thanks again for sticking with me, everyone.  I really love my readers!!  Because I was gone for so long, I’m getting all caught up on my creative endeavors, so come back and see my again soon to get your beach fix.  ^_-