Drop Cloth Pillow Case Knockoff

By |August 5th, 2011|

After discovering the Pinterest Challenge earlier this week, my mind immediately jumped to the beautiful grain sack pillows I’ve been seeing splashed all over the blogoshpere.  The warmth and texture they add to a room is absolutely delightful.  Another bonus (at least in my circus-like household) is that the material used is sturdy enough to hold up to a three-year-old and two large dogs, but still offers beauty and sophistication.

But as much as I like the look of burlap, I’ve found that using painters drop cloths makes for a much cuddlier pillow, as they’re a heckofa lot softer while still providing the wonderfully uneven, grainy texture of burlap.  And best of all, they’re available for dirt cheap at any home improvement store like Lowe’s or Home Depot.


Father’s Day Tea Towel Apron

By |June 6th, 2011|

My dad has a talent for spilling things on himself, especially when he eats.  Instead of leaning over his plate and gently easing the food into his mouth, he uses his utensils to fling the food in his general direction.  ^_^  It’s actually quite funny and endearing (or at least I hope it is, because I’ve inherited the same problem, only I usually have a hole in my lip while drinking).

So for Father’s Day this year, I thought I’d make my dad something he could use (and that my stepmom would enjoy and appreciate, as well!)  However, my dad is also an avid green thumb and master of the BBQ, so hopefully he’ll get lots of use out of his gift.


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