Decorating Your Living Room on a Tight Budget

By |November 17th, 2013|

I love this time of year.  Here in Southern California, we don’t have much of a changing of the seasons – it’s more indoors than out.  Homes transform with oranges and reds, wreaths, decor, and very soon after that, twinkling lights and Christmas trees.

But to be honest, I’m also terrified of this time of year.

Why?  Because we’re on a budget – an extremely tight budget.  That means that as a wife and mother, I don’t always have a chance to purchase pretty things to decorate my family’s home, and that’s a scary thought.  No one wants to be judged as lacking, especially by family and friends that visit during the holidays.

But we’re a proud family.  In order to beautify our house to our own satisfaction, we do what we do best: get creative!  So before our family makes the indoor holiday changing of the seasons, I wanted to show my lovely readers exactly how we normally decorate the heart of our home – the living room – on a tight budget.


Summer Shell Star

By |August 25th, 2011|

Have you ever been so busy that you lose days of your life and literally forget what day of the week it is?  Yeah… my life was crazy like that for about two weeks.  It got so bad at one point that all possible eating space was taken up by projects (this includes the dining room table, the coffee table, and all the kitchen counters); my poor hubby and daughter were forced to eat their favorite fast food in bed (which I don’t think they minded so much).  ^_-

You see, I was suddenly swamped with orders from just about all the stores that sell my work.  And since all my items are handmade, it literally took for.ev.er.  Not that I’m complaining, though!!  I have to admit, it felt good to know that people liked my work enough to order more.  =]  And knowing that I’m finally contributing to our income again during these hard times was a great feeling.  If any of you are considering starting a business and selling your own handmade goods, GO FOR IT!!  You’d be surprised how many shop and boutique owners love to promote local artisans and their handmade items.

Anyway, while I was stocking up on supplies at my local Joann’s, I came across this lovely red Fourth of July star for 90% off!!  It was originally $20, marked down to $2, and I’m so cheap prudent that I just couldn’t pass it up.  Although it was a lovely, deep shade of red to begin with, it just didn’t fit my style.  But that wasn’t an issue.


$153 Coral Knockoff Plates

By |July 17th, 2011|

My dining room table is constantly getting hit with everything other than dinner plates and silverware.  As a large flat area in a very small apartment space, the table has become a landing pad for bills, crafts, laundry, purses, toys, laptops, and anything else I can cram onto it’s pitifully cluttered surface.

My poor table needs a makeover.


Starfish Hairpin

By |July 14th, 2011|

First off, I have to apologize for disappearing on you guys for half a month (yikes, was it really that long?  Sorry…)  My family had a bit of a crisis, but thank God everyone is healthy and happy once again.  I was constantly thinking about getting back to my readers during my absence.  But day after day was continually filled with chaos, and I never got the chance.

I hated leaving you for so long.  But imagine my delighted surprise when I (finally) got the chance to log back on, only to see comments and followers galore.

Wow…  *Tear*

Thanks you guys… I totally needed that.  =}  Your support buoys my spirits more than you know.  Ok, let’s get on with the tutorial before I start blubbering over my keyboard.  I could just see myself shorting out my laptop.  No bueno.

Anyone who knew me as child would tell you that growing up, I was convinced that I was Ariel from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”.  My mom was a model back in the day, and it definitely didn’t help with my delusion imagination when she had a professional mermaid costume created just for me.  There was even a phase where I refused to enter the bathtub unless I was allowed to wear my rubber flippers so I could flop around like a mermaid while bathing (Dear God, please refrain from repeating that particular behavior with my daughter).


Coral Earrings

By |June 8th, 2011|

Ok, so I’m officially addicted to the ocean’s natural bling.  It was over a week ago that I created a charm bracelet out of coral, starfish, sand dollars and pearls, and I’ve ended up wearing it every single day. I […]

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