Halloween 2013: Unda Da Sea

By |November 1st, 2013|

Good evening, my minions! MUHAHAHAHA…. Oh wait, Halloween is over. Wasn’t it fun, though? We love Halloween so much at my house, I almost wish it was a monthly affair.

Almost.  =}

Here’s how our Halloween went:

After dressing in our Little Mermaid […]

101 Idea “I’m Bored” Jar

By |April 27th, 2012|

Summer is fast approaching, and I have small(ish) kids in my family that I usually end up babysitting (but don’t tell them that) during summer vacation. Definitely fun times. Except when they approach me with dreary faces and dully pronounce […]

How to Antique Fabric Using Coffee Dye

By |April 23rd, 2012|

Sometimes I have ideas that call for vintage or antique materials.  However (as much as I wish otherwise) I don’t have the money to actually go out and purchase them all (is there anything else in life where old = expensive?)

I bought 5 yards of crisp, new, bright white lace for a child size tablecloth recently, but I really wanted to achieve the antiquey, vintage feel without the antiquey, vintage price.  Using some common household supplies, I was able to get the aged look I was going for.


Green Taste Testing

By |March 22nd, 2012|

St. Patrick’s Day in Southern California was wet, dreary, and dark this year. That completely obliterated my plans of an outdoor Leprechaun hunt, as well as a family picnic on the new spring grass. The hubs and I tried to lift our daughter’s dashed three-year-old spirits by calling it a “Jammy Day”; everyone cuddled under the covers in their jammies and watched movies. But there was only so much “Barney” and “Gumby” that we could take… Even our daughter was over it after a while.

Mama to the rescue!! B.Inspired, Mama, that is!  We were in need of something fun (and green) in a hurry.  I stumbled upon her brilliant post entitled, “Green Food Taste Testing for Picky Eaters – WITH Free Chart!”

Bingo.  =]


Miniature Accessories

By |July 24th, 2011|

I’m having so much fun creating mini, magical little furniture for our fairy gardens.  And in case you get the “Fairy Garden Bug” like I have, I’ve listed all my mini accessory ideas in a central location for easy reference.



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