Ruffle Boutique Leggings

By |February 13th, 2012|

So as I talked about in yesterday’s tutorial about making your own Ruffle Bib Boutique Shirt, I love getting the $80 look for less than $8.  Today we’re working on the matching leggings for yesterday’s shirt, and I’m so excited to […]

Ruffle Bib Boutique Shirt

By |February 12th, 2012|

So what do you do when you see an absolutely adorable boutique outfit for your daughter, but it’s outrageously too expensive for you?

You make your own, of course!

I swear, the pride of dressing my daughter in something handmade never gets […]

Miniature Accessories

By |July 24th, 2011|

I’m having so much fun creating mini, magical little furniture for our fairy gardens.  And in case you get the “Fairy Garden Bug” like I have, I’ve listed all my mini accessory ideas in a central location for easy reference.



The Terra Cotta Fairy Garden

By |July 24th, 2011|

After creating our first Picket Fence Fairy Garden, we knew immediately that we’d have to build another.  Our first clue was when I literally had to drag my three-year-old away from it to go the park that day.  Our second clue was when she wanted to sleep outside in the hopes of catching a glimpse of her fairy.

So after finding a large terra cotta pot for under $10 at Home Depot, we got to work.


The Picket Fence Fairy Garden

By |July 24th, 2011|

The trash dump fairy has struck again – literally, her biggest stroke of genius to date.  You see, as I was driving home the other night, I noticed that one of my neighbors had put a worn out, splintered, spider weby planter out on the curb.  But all that grubbiness couldn’t hide the cuteness hidden beneath.  In fact, it even added to it a bit, for the chippiness of the paint on the old wood was exactly my style.

The moment I laid eyes on this little beauty, my mind conjured images of tiny sprites frolicking through the moss and playing among some small, rustic, handmade furniture.  You see, my daughter is absolutely enchanted with fairies.  Ok… I am, too.  So what better way to attract these magical little beings (and provide hours of outdoor fun for my little one), than to offer them their own little haven on our patio?


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